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What are the destinations to which I can travel in Heliang?
The Heliang specializes in domestic and regional flights, and the customer can choose their destinations.

What are the flight schedules of Heliang?
The Heliang is available at any time, leaving the customer to choose their own schedules.

How long is a plane of Heliang expected, the most by a client out of the starting point?
The time the client whants.

How many passengers maximum carries Heliang?
The Heliang carries a maximum of 18 passengers, depending on the aircraft (see the Heliang aircraft fleet).

How much each passenger pays?
The cost of flight is always the same, regardless of the number of passengers (see us through the form of pre-booking).

If instead of passengers I want to carry a load, it is possible?
Provided that the maximum weight that the plane can carry is respected , and is not dangerous goods, yes you can(more on the maximum weight allowed on the page of our fleet of aircraft).

How do I pay for excess charge?
The Heliang not carry cargo beyond the weight limit that their aircraft can carry, any other weight is always the same price.

How far in advance do I book a flight to the Heliang?
At least 24 hours before (except in case of emergency medical evacuation, which may be shorter).

If you need an emergency medical evacuation, can I contact Heliang?
The Heliang is authorized and empowered to make medical transport. When it comes to an emergency evacuation, you can schedule a trip with less than 24 hours in advance.

I like your services, but what I gain in being your frequent customer?
The Heliang rewards frequent customers with all kinds of goodies.

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